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Ricky Rollback

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Posted 22 June 2021 - 04:38 AM

The power outage a few days ago corrupted the boot loader of our Ricky server which means that server won't boot up on its own anymore. With the help of the data center staff we managed to boot up the server on a boot usb drive in the hopes that we would be able to recover a backup of the hard drive. That backup process also failed. The bad news is it looks likely that the damage to the hard drive extends to more than just the boot loader. It's possible we've lost all the data on that version of Ricky.


The good news is we have a full system backup of Ricky from less than a month ago that we have already booted up. Of course all the new accounts that were created within the last month don't exist on this Ricky backup, and any files and databases and everything have been reverted to a month ago as well.


We're going down the list of Ricky accounts, and if they don't exist on this backup we're going to unarchive them or recreate them for you. For security we obviously don't keep plaintext passwords sitting around anywhere, so for a lot of accounts you'll have to reset your password to log in for the first time as your account will be created with a random temporary password. Just go to https://www.heliohost.org/reset/ or https://ricky.helioh...setpass?start=1 to set your password.


If you haven't backed up your Ricky account recently please let us know of any files or any databases that you would hope for us to be able to find for you. It's possible when we visit the data center in the next few months to install the hard drives that we'll be able to recover the missing files. If we have a list of files and databases to try to look for before we arrive at the data center it will make the process quicker.


Thank you for your patience during this unfortunate situation.

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