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In Topic: /var on Tommy almost full

27 July 2021 - 10:23 PM

Edit: Forget about what I wrote below, you have more important things on the head now. I've just read about the cPanel license issue... Unfortunatelly more and more free services are slowly revoked, small companies more often have no money to offer such things, big companies slowly decide that's they have no interest in it.

Yeah, it's going to be pretty crazy for a month or two, but we'll come back even better than before. Most everyone is being really supportive and understanding.

Sorry for posting here, but in my 6 years old browsers I am not able to post anything, the text field for posting the content doesn't exist. Don't try to fix it, unfortunatelly I've used to it that more and more people are using such new methods of generating (usually with javascript) HTML content that already in 3+ or 4+ years old browsers it doesn't work properly or at all. I don't understand why it goes so fast that programmers and webmasters drop the support for even 3 years old browsers, but I've slowly used to it.

Yeah, sorry. This forum was released in 2013. We were long overdue for an upgrade. We wanted to keep our seo by having the same urls to the same content so we decided it was best to pay invision for an update to the latest version.

So on new forum I will post only when having access to someone else's computer. On my own for having new browsers I would have to upgrade the system, for upgrading the system I would have to upgrade the hardware. And I see no point in creating more electro-trash and using more planet resources for new hardware when the old one is still working fine.

You can always post on the new forum by emailing support@heliohost.org. Thanks for all of your invaluable uptime monitoring and contributions to the community over the years. It's always nice to hear from you.

By the way... is this possible to modify default "all activity" ( /discover/ ) page for not logged in people to display recently active TOPICS (just like on the old version https://classic.heli...ms&period=weeks
 - this is how I was viewing the forums every few days) instead of displaying all recent POSTS, which is useless in my opinion, especially when there will be lots of posts in one or two topics, all the other recently active topics may be just missed. Yes, there are recent topics on the main page, but only last 5.
It can be modified individually by every user after log in, but I am asking about the default version for not logged in guests.

Try this link https://www.helionet...ex/discover/10/ I think it does what you want.

In Topic: Suspended: casjay

12 July 2021 - 05:20 AM

Your account is active and your site is working. Also for the fastest support please use www.helionet.org instead of classic.helionet.org.

In Topic: [Solved] Suspended: schase56 (2)

29 June 2021 - 07:00 PM

See https://www.helionet...ded-schase56-3/

In Topic: WP debug error

27 June 2021 - 11:50 PM

There you go https://krydos.helio.../80/phpinfo.php

In Topic: Hey admin

27 June 2021 - 09:27 PM

Which ip is blocked? The one you posted from isn't blocked.